Speck Alto Adige PGI from Moser Speck

Unbeatable in flavour and quality: Speck and South Tyrol specialities from Moser Speck

Our most important supplier: Nature

The mountain lodge from Moser Speck

Fresh, clear air and lush, sun-drenched meadows, where animals can graze and spicy mountain herbs grow, have been the setting for the production of unique South Tyrol specialities for centuries. You can still taste the tradition, passion and care in every one of our products.

Quality pledge from the selection of raw ingredients through the entire production process to the point of sale

Only carefully selected, inspected cuts of pork are processed into Speck and flavoured by hand with pure sea salt and special spice mixtures.

Speck flavoured by hand with pure sea salt and special spice mixtures

The natural smoking process over resin-free beech wood and the strictly controlled maturing process at an optimal humidity and temperature result in our South Tyrol specialities, which convince even the most discerning connoisseur with their appearance, feel and taste.

Dictated by tradition: our company, our philosophy, our family

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